AST System


The AST System company is a manufacturer of innovative devices responsible for controlling street lighting. We specialize in design and production of astronomical clocks, street lighting controllers and  sports fields illuminating controllers. The AST System company has been operating in the street lighting market since 2014. Since the beginning of our activity, we have implemented several thousand controllers in Poland and abroad. Our mission is to set modern trends in the field of street lighting control by introducing drivers with innovative functionalities to the market. Our ASTmidi controller, for example,  is the first smartphone-managed driver on the market while the ASTmidi GPS has a built-in GPS antenna.

Jan Wilk, Chief Executive Officer

How do we stand out?

innowacyjne rozwiązania w sterowaniu oświetleniem


We set trends in the field of street lighting control

inteligentne rozwiązania


We introduce to the market controllers with modern functionalities

wieloletnie doświadczenie


We have been operating on the street lightning market since 2014