ASTmicro has one relay output with the possibility of entering up to 4 switching ranges and the possibility of making switching corrections independently for summer and winter. Control clock with a width of 2 modules for mounting on a DIN rail.


Budget astronomical clock in a conventional 2-module width housing for DIN rail mounting. ASTmicro has one relay output, with up to 4 switching intervals and the possibility to make switching corrections independently for summer and winter.
A special ASTmicro mobile application has been designed for the driver, thanks to which you can easily configure the driver using an android phone. Communication with the driver is done wirelessly via WiFi.
ASTmicro astronomical clock allows you to record events such as switching on, switching off the output and power back, so you have full control over your lighting infrastructure.
By connecting the light sensor to ASTmicro, it can operate in digital photocell mode (twilight automatic), all parameters related to the controller operation can be entered using a dedicated ASTmicro mobile application.
Each AST driver is equipped with a precise real-time clock and the ability to synchronize time with the phone’s GPS settings, so that the lighting is switched on precisely, which translates into savings in lighting costs. The ASTmicro mobile application has the functionality of service attachments enabling switching on the output for a specified time (1/10/30 minutes), after a selected time the output switches to automatic mode. This feature greatly simplifies maintenance and servicing of the lighting infrastructure


ASTmicro mobile application



ASTmicro properties

  • full control and management of ASTmicro via phone, smartphone, tablet from the ASTmicro application
  • intuitive application interface for easy entry of driver settings
  • free ASTmicro application (to download from GooglePlay)
  • Secure WiFi WPA / WPA2 transmission
  • automatic calculation of corrections for the lighting control location
  • own amendments in the range of / – 240 minutes
  • time synchronization according to the GPS position of the phone
  • automatic time change (summer/winter)
  • astronomical switch-on and switch-on times calculated from the GPS position or taken from a table
  • independent, programmable output for lighting control. Possibility of entering up to 4 switch-on compartments
  • correction modes: summer/winter
  • service switches of output A (for 1/10/30 minutes and permanently)
  • registration of up to 50 last events: each switch on/off of the output and return of power supply
  • possibility of working in the photocell mode (twilight automatic unit)
  • possibility of remote exchange of software by means of a dedicated application on a PC
  • LEDs on the front panel indicating the status of output A, power supply and connection status
  • blocking access to the controller by means of a password
  • possibility of restoring factory settings



ASTmicro technical parameters

  • supply voltage 230V AC / 50 Hz
  • supply voltage range – 20 % / 10 %
  • 1 relay output, changeover contact, 5 A / 230 V AC
  • 1 input for connecting the ASTsensor01 light sensor
  • measuring range of light sensor 1 – 100 Lx
  • mechanical parameters of connectors – contact / lift cable 2.5 mm2 / AWG14
  • battery life of 5 years (calculated without power supply voltage)
  • WiFi communication interface
  • WiFi 802.11 b/g/n communication, supports WPA / WPA2
  • Degree of protection IP 20
  • operating temperature – 30 °C / 80 °C
  • dimensions – length 35 mm, width 90 mm, height 65 mm
  • DIN rail mounting 35 mm


ASTmicro connection diagram