AST System


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Frequently asked questions 

If the controller does not switch on the lighting, check if the controller output is properly connected, if so, check by means of the AST mobile application whether the switching ranges for the outputs are properly assigned.
If the controller turns on the lighting at the wrong time, connect to the AST controller using the ASTmobile application, and then check if the time in the controller is correct. In ASTmobile, after connecting to the controller, the current time of the controller is displayed on the START screen, if it differs by +-3 minutes, the time value will be displayed in blue, in this case press on the clock, which will display a dialog box enabling synchronization of the controller clock settings with the phone settings.
In case of problems with detection of the controller, two solutions are possible:
  1.  turn off the Bluetooth in your phone and turn it on again, and then repeat the driver search actions.
  2. turn off and after about 10 seconds turn on the driver power again, and then repeat the driver search action.