The ASTdim BT driver is designed for installation in LED luminaires equippedwith a power supply with a DALI control interface. ASTdim BT enables intelligent management of luminaire power over specified periodsof time,which significantly reduces energy costs while maintaining comfort. The ASTdim BT is equipped with a Bluetooth BLE interface that allows you to changethe parametersof the power reduction directly next to the lighting fixture.


ASTdim BT properties

    • controlling ASTdim BT using your smartphone or a tablet with the ASTdim application
    • independent programmable every luminaire
    • service switching (for 1/10/30 minutes or permamently)
    • change of reduction intervals by ASTmid and ASTmicro drivers with a mobile application or remotely with the ASTgsm
    • blocking access to the driver with a PIN code


ASTdim BT technical parameters

    • power supply: 230V AC / 50 Hz
    • energy consumption: 0,5 W
    • DALI control interface
    • 5 power reduction intervals
    • power level resolution: 10%
    • resolution of input intervals: 15 minutes
    • trigger input: 1 / 230V AC
    • Bluetooth interface BLE 5.0
    • degree of protection: IP 20 (optionally IP 67)
    • installation: luminaire
    • working temperature: −30°C to +80°C
    • dimensions: 99 / 37 / 32 mm