Street Light Driver in a conventional 6-module width housing for DIN rail mounting. ASTgsm has 6 independent outputs, 3 open-ended inputs to connect any signals, light sensor input, expander input, network analyzer input, battery input, 2 service buttons and built-in WiFi.

ASTgsm, on the basis of GPS position, will calculate the optimal lighting control time and GSM communication will ensure remote change of operating parameters.


ASTgsm properties

  • support by means of a dedicated web portal in the RWD technology adapted to be supported by both desktop computers and mobile devices
  • support by means of a dedicated mobile application for android devices using Wifi
  • securing access to the driver by means of login and password in the case of www, in the case of WiFi communication – password with WPA/WPA2 protection
  • simple plug-and-play installation (the driver connected to the power supply automatically reports to the system and is ready to work, just assign it to the user account)
  • establishing a connection with the driver and saving any parameter in less than 3 seconds in the case of a web application, in the case of a mobile application less than 1 second
  • possibility of running a web application on a physical server or in the cloud
  • work in a connection model with a server, no need to use SIM cards with a public IP address
  • time synchronization according to GPS signal
  • switch-on/ -off time corrections
  • automatic location of the driver on the web application map
  • LEDs on the front panel indicating the state of inputs/outputs and status information of the driver
  • extended level of rights such as administrator, user, observer and the possibility of creating subaccounts within the account (city council can create subaccounts for dedicated drivers within its account)
  • built-in alarm handling system for such alarms as: power failure alarm, input circuit state change alarms, network parameters alarms such as exceeding electric current, exceeding power, etc.
  • archiving alarms and network parameters on the server
  • support for global switch-on of groups of drivers on the basis of lighting intensity
  • automatic change of summer/winter time (possibility to switch off the change of time in case of entry of laws regulating the change of time)
  • switch-on corrections independently for summer and winter
  • 6 independently programmable outputs allowing to enter up to 4 switching intervals (3 night breaks)
  • service output switch-offs for (1/10/30 minutes and permanent), remote or using driver buttons
  • SMS communication channel enabling configuring the driver and executing basic activities such as service switch-on/switch-off etc.
  • registration of changes in the status of outputs in the driver’s memory (50 records), as well as on the server (unlimited number on the server)
  • API to integrate the system with other open systems
  • SMS control of a selected sports facility


ASTgsm technical parameters

  • 90-265 VAC power supply
  • energy consumption of less than 3W
  • 6 relay outputs, load capacity 5A
  • 3 NO inputs to connect any signals, e.g. light cabinet door opening sensor, voltage analysis on circuits, etc.
  • 1 input to connect a precise light sensor to manage a single driver or a group of drivers
  • 1 digital input to connect an expander, e.g. for Ethernet communication, input/output expander
  • 1 RS485 input to connect an intelligent network analyzer with MODBUS communication
  • 1 input to connect the battery to maintain power supply
  • 2 buttons for servicing the driver
  • communication via standard open communication protocol GPRS TCP/IP
  • Wifi communication for management by means of a mobile application
  • 2 MMCX type antenna connectors for connecting GSM and GPS antennas
  • DIN rail mounting of 6 modules (+1 battery module, +3 network analyzer modules)
  • operating temperature from -30 to +70 Celsius degrees
  • protection level IP20



ASTgsm conection diagram