Street Light Controller in a conventional 3-module wide, DIN rail-mounted housing. ASTmidi has 2 or 3 independent outputs, photocell/ cascade input and built-in Bluetooth. ASTmidi will calculate the optimal lighting control time based on the GPS position.


ASTmidi properties

  • full control and management of ASTmidi via phone, smartphone, tablet from ASTmobile application
  • intuitive application interface for easy entry of controller settings
  • free ASTmobile application (to download from GooglePlay)
  • Bluetooth encrypted communication
  • automatic calculation of corrections for the lighting control location
  • own amendments in the range of / – 240 minutes
  • automatic time change (summer/winter)
  • astronomical switch-on and switch-on times calculated from the GPS position or taken from a table
  • built-in attachment table, possibility of editing its contents and reloading to the controller, all wirelessly
  • automatic driver location on the ASTmobile application map
  • independent, programmable outputs for lighting control. Possibility of entering up to 4 switching intervals, for each day of the week
  • possibility of entering 20 exceptional attachments (holidays, celebrations)
  • 3 modes of correction: summer/winter, quarters, months
  • service switches of outputs A, B, C (for 1/10/30 minutes and permanent)
  • registration of up to 600 last events: each switching on/off of output A, B, C; switching on/off of input “i”; loss/return of power supply
  • possibility of sending registered data via e-mail, MMS. Everything from the ASTmobile application level
  • possibility of saving the current configuration of the controller as a bank of settings and sending from the application level via e-mail, Bluetooth.
  • registration of working time of outputs A, B, C
  • cooperation with a photocell
  • cooperation with the cascade signal
  • simple exchange of software managing driver operation via Bluetooth from the ASTmobile application level
  • LEDs on the front panel indicating the status of outputs A, B, C, power supply and information input
  • blocking access to the controller by means of PIN code and one-day passwords
  • possibility of restoring factory settings


ASTmidi technical parameters

  • supply voltage 230V AC / 50 Hz
  • supply voltage range – 20 % / 10 %
  • 2 or 3 outputs ( A ) ( B ) ( C ), independently programmable and controlled, 5 A / 230V AC
  • 1 input ( i ), photocell / cascade / information, 230V AC
  • mechanical parameters of connectors – contact / lift cable 2.5 mm2 / AWG14
  • battery life of 5 years (calculated without power supply voltage)
  • Bluetooth communication interface
  • encrypted bidirectional transmission
  • Degree of protection IP 20
  • operating temperature – 30 °C / 80 °C
  • dimensions – width 53 mm, height 95 mm, depth 58 mm
  • DIN rail mounting 35 mm


ASTmidi connection diagram