Budget lighting driver for your garden that incorporates the most advanced lighting management system.


ASTgarden – the lighting driver for your garden

Budget lighting driver for your garden that incorporates the most advanced lighting management system. Clearly and quickly, with the free ASTmobile for garden application, you can set a schedule for switching on/off the lighting, introduce exceptions to lighting control, switch on/off the lighting of the selected section. The ASTgarden driver is equipped with two control channels so that the garden control can be divided into two sections, e.g. garden lighting control and pond lighting control. ASTgarden driver is also equipped with one input that can be used to connect a photocell, or as an input that triggers switching on the lighting of a specific circuit.

Application can be downloaded from the Google Play store 


Where can I use the ASTgarden driver?

The ASTgarden is a universal controller and its use is limited only by your imagination:

  • garden lighting control
  • control of pond lighting
  • control of the external lighting of the house
  • control of terrace lighting
  • Backyard lighting control
  • control of the lighting of the entrance gate
  • control of gazebo lighting
  • control of greenhouse lighting
  • controlling the lighting of the driveway
  • control of the car park lighting
  • control of external lighting of buildings
  • control of façade illumination
  • control of architectural illumination illumination
  • control of the lighting of unloading yards


ASTgarden properties
  • full control and management of ASTgarden via phone, smartphone, tablet from the mobile application
  • intuitive application interface
  • free ASTgarden application (to download from GooglePlay)
  • Bluetooth encrypted communication
  • time synchronization according to GPS signal
  • two independent units allowing control over two sports facilities
  • switching on of sports facilities A and B 30/60/90 minutes (and permanently for the facility administrator)
  • possibility of limiting the switching time of A and B circuits
  • cooperation with the cascade signal giving the possibility of manual switching on the lighting


ASTgarden technical parameters

  • supply voltage 230V AC / 50 Hz
  • supply voltage range – 20 % / +10 %.
  • 2 outputs ( A ) ( B ), independently programmable and controlled, 5 A / 230V AC
  • 1 input ( i ), cascade 230V AC
  • mechanical parameters of connectors – contact / lift cable 2.5 mm2 / AWG14
  • battery life of 5 years (calculated without power supply voltage)
  • Bluetooth communication interface
  • encrypted bidirectional transmission
  • protection class IP 20
  • operating temperature – 30 °C / +80 °C
  • dimensions – width 53 mm, height 95 mm, depth 58 mm
  • DIN rail mounting 35 mm